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The world of tea and coffee can be a confusing place, if you don't know the language.

Kinds of Drinks
Chai Tea

Terms in Espresso Making

Kinds of Coffee & Tea

Black Tea
Earl Gray
Green Tea
Kona Coffee
Kopi Luwak Coffee
Oolong Tea
Orange Pekoe
Pu-erh Tea

Harvesting / Processing
Green Beans

Caffeine Content

All figures are approximate, especially with coffee. Different varietals can have different caffeine content, and the way the coffee is roasted can also change the values.
Double espresso (2oz) 45-100 mg
Brewed coffee (8 oz) 60-120 mg
Instant coffee (8 oz) 70 mg
Decaf coffee (8 oz) 1-5 mg
Tea - black (8 oz) 45 mg
Tea - green (8 oz) 20 mg
Tea - white (8 oz) 15 mg
Coca Cola (12 oz can) 34 mg
Pepsi (12 oz can) 38 mg
Barq's Root Beer (12 oz can) 22 mg
7-up (12 oz) 0 mg
Chocolate milk (8 oz) 4 mg
Dark chocolate (1 oz) 20 mg
Milk chocolate (1 oz) 6 mg
Ben & Jerry's Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt (8 oz) 85 mg

Top 6 Green Teas

Green teas have undergone less processing than black teas, and have a much lighter flavour. The health benefits of green tea are seemingly endless. Since the leaves are not fermented, the taste is pleasantly fresh and herbal. You should never brew green teas in fully boiling water.
1) Sencha
Sencha is the most popular of Japan's green teas. It has a lightly astringent taste along with a slight sweetness. Lesser quality sencha tea is called bancha.

2) Dragon Well
Dragon Well tea (also called Lung Ching) is the ultimate green tea. The name comes from a legendary well in the West Lake region of China where the tea is produced. The colour is bright green and the flavour is quite brisk. Be prepared to pay more than usual for this quality tea.

3) Macha
Macha is the kind of tea used in tradtional Japanese tea ceremony. It's ground up very fine, and the tea is whisked when prepared. The flavour is light and sweet. Macha works well added to desserts too.

4) Gunpowder
These tea leaves are rolled into tight, little balls that apparently resemble old-style gunpowder. Because of the rolled form, Gunpowder tea stays fresher longer than most other green teas. The taste is fresh and a little grassy.

5) Jasmine
Jasmine isn't exactly a kind of green tea, but is a blended tea with green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. The blossoms give the tea a very refreshing taste, and fragrant aroma.

6) Genmaicha
Like the jasmine tea, genmaicha isn't a kind of tea but a blend. This time, sencha green tea is mixed with toasted brown rice. Sounds odd, but the tea has a distinctive toasty flavour.

Top 6 Black Teas

All varieties of tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant, but the processing makes a world of difference. Black teas are harvested, dried and well fermented to give them their distinctive flavours. These are the finest black teas you can find.

1) Keemun
Keemun is considered by most to be the finest of all Chinese black teas. It's smooth and very aromatic, and can be found in many quality tea blends. Keemun is great by itself, or with a bit of milk and sugar.

2) Darjeeling
Named for the Darjeeling province in India, this fine black tea is another worth trying. The Darjeeling region also produces excellent green and oolong teas. The black teas have a delicate flavour but are still full-bodied.

5) Yunnan
This is the Chinese black tea of choice for folks who like a flavour with a bit of bite. Yunnan black teas are rich, with a slightly peppery taste.

6) Nilgiri
Nilgiri is a lighter and more delicate black tea, from India. This tea is excellent for the novice brewer, as it is a bit more forgiving if not steeped quite right.

Top 10 Cocktail Recipes

Regardless of the history, the Martini is the perfect addition to the list of historic and classic cocktails. For each generation and for each genre there are many variations to this traditional cocktail.
• 1½ oz - Gin
• ½ oz - Dry Vermouth
Stir with ice cubes and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an olive or lemon.

Melon Ball
This drink may taste light and fruity, but it can pack a punch.
• ½ oz - Melon Liqueur
• ½ oz - Orange Juice
Layer ingredients in a shot glass and drink

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Like the sandwich, but better!
• 1 oz - Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
• 1 oz - Black Raspberry Liqueur
Pour both liqueurs into a shaker filled with ice, shake until completely cold and strain into a lowball glass.

Jager Bomb
The Energy Drink gives you an upward feeling, while the Jager takes you down. Be ready for a hell of a ride.
• 1 oz - Jagermeister
• 5 oz - Red Bull or other Energy Drink
Pour Jagermeister into a highball glass filled with ice and fill with Red Bull Energy Drink.

Apple Pie
This cocktail can be served as a big shot or simple cocktail. Either way, you are sure to get a tasty drink.
• 2 shots of Apple Juice
• 1 shot of Vodka
• Whip Cream
• Cinnamon
Combine apple juice and vodka in a strainer filled with ice. Shake and pour into a lowball glass. Top off with whip cream and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Baby Aspirin
Whether you’re trying to get rid of a headache, or create one of your own. This cocktail can do the job.
• 1 oz - Orange Juice
• ½ oz - Sweet and Sour
• ½ oz - Triple Sec
• 1 oz - Raspberry Schnapps
Combine all ingredients in a shaker and pour into a lowball glass filled with ice.

Yellow Cake
Unlike it’s counterpart, this cocktail is a flavorful drink that can be substituted as a dessert.
• 1/3 oz - Vanilla Vodka
• 1/3 oz - Triple Sec
• 1/3 oz - Pineapple Juice
Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Bald Pussy
• 1½ shot - Melon Liqueur
• 1 shot - Lime Vodka
• 1 shot - Absolut Vodka
• 1 shot - Triple Sec
• 1½ shot - Blueberry Schnapps
• 1 splash of lime juice
• 1 splash of 7-Up
Pour ingredients in a highball glass over ice, and stir.

Barbary Coast
This classic drink will definitely take you back in time.
• ½ oz - Scotch Whiskey
• ½ oz - Gin
• ½ oz - Rum
• ½ oz - White Crème de Cacao
• ½ oz - Light Cream
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a highball glass.

Cable Car
This sweet cocktail combines rum and orange curacao, a lovely combination.
• 1¼ oz - Captain Morgan’s Rum
• ¾ oz - Orange Curacao
• 1¼ oz - Sweet & Sour
Mix all ingredients in an ice filled shaker and strain into a lowball glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

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